Registration is closed on Friday at 11:59pm before the scheduled weekend event

**Late registrations at the track will be charged

$50.00 for late fee**

Registration CLOSES:

NaN days, NaN hours, NaN minutes, NaN seconds

Parts Canada Amateur Open  will be a stand alone event, in conjunction with the Local Region 

Practice will start at 8am

Racing right after practice. 

Schedule will be released the week of the Event. 

Parts Canada Amateur Open

  • $40 Per Class

IF Number comes up RED, put a "0" in front of your number.

A signed waiver by this registrant will be required before you can download your QR code. A link to obtain waivers for all registrants will be shown on the confirmation page.

Type "RENT" if you need to rent a Transponder, if you have one PLEASE type the number in. 


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